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Initially I acquired my Academic background in Sweden and Greece, in fields of cognitive subjects, both as an IT engineer (hardware) as well as a software developer and also as a software and systems analyst and then in subjects of applied microeconomics while later I built experience in the field of graphic design. With over 25 years of business activity in Sweden and Greece in Applied Information Technology (IT), I have managed to achieve quite interesting results. I worked as an IT consultant and instructor in computer science in Sweden in the 1980s, maintaining my own business there as well. In 1986, I introduced CD-ROM technology in Greece, where I have since created and distributed a wealth of structured data applications, as well as multimedia, as well as DVDs and web sites, while there were also consulting and training cases. Finally, the knowledge of economics and computer science have been united in the digital economy issues, while the business friction experiences compose an interesting "distillate" of beneficial result for all... !!